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General Director Lin Хi

Lin Хi

General Director UEWCEC

Ukraine is a majestic state that has long been at the junction of civilizations, in the power fields of the West and the East, the North and the South, for millennia being in the  center of the political and cultural life of the European continent. 

It is rightly considered a cradle of European civilization, which is its geographical and cultural center.

Since the ancient times of the first and second millennia of our era, Kyiv Rus was the most powerful and widely known European nation all over the world. And, not only because of victorious wars and aggressive campaigns, but mainly because of the high level of civilization and law, an extensive network of dynastic ties, a balanced foreign policy, active and responsible participation in international affairs.

Ukraine is fairly called the breadbasket of Europe, whose territory accounts for more than a quarter of all areas of arable land in the continent. The rich and varied mineral resources in general make up five percent of the world's minerals.

According to many authoritative researchers, numerous archaeological finds testify that the lands that later became the territory of Ukraine are related to the appearance of man and the formation of European civilization in general. She has always been the bridge for cooperation and communication between Europe and Asia, proof of which is its affiliation with the Great Silk Road.

This way was transported not only goods, but also came knowledge of culture, art, folk customs or the state system of China to Europe. From that time on, our friendship has become more and more rooted in the lives of our peoples.

Ukraine is a thousand-year history full of high feats and noble names. The glorious hetman of the Ukrainian Cossacks defended the borders of Europe from aggressive nomadic raids for years, thereby acting as a reliable shield, providing stability and protecting the civilization assets of the entire European continent.

I think that Europe and the world still have to really appreciate the contribution of the Ukrainian people to the protection of civilization and life itself on the planet in different historical periods. Estimate as it was done in 1945, when Ukraine, as one of the leading participants in the struggle against fascism, became the founding member of the United Nations.

Modern Ukraine is one of the most promising countries in the world arena, which has incredible resources, the largest transit energy network in Europe. She has always been the bridge to Europe and Asia's cooperation and communication, which has clearly demonstrated to mankind its peacefulness and predictable policy.

This is a state that is needed by the world and on which world can rely.

The distance of thousands of kilometers between our states is not able to prevent the growth of interest in Ukraine to a distant and mysterious land and vice versa. It is this powerful and friendly country that should become the foundation upon which the cultural exchange and economic cooperation between East and West and the world as a whole will develop.

Ukraine is values, spirit and culture. That is why the Ukrainian Ukrainian East-West Cultural Exchange Center will make it the center of intercultural exhibitions, exchanges, conferences and other international events.

We strive for joint efforts to unite Europe and Asia around the most important issues of our day, to open these two great worlds for each other. We are convinced that stability and prosperity in Ukraine is a guarantee of peace and prosperity all over the world. These are the things for which we work and what we believe in.

I am proud that our team contributes to this great business and I hope to see you among those who share our aspiration for peace and mutual understanding all over the world!

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Our goal is to use the significant historical potential of Ukraine and its centuries-old culture to make it the center of intercultural exhibitions, exchanges, conferences and other international events for the unification of the East and West, the popularization of ancient Chinese civilization in Ukraine and the ancient Ukrainian culture in China.

Ukraine has always been a connecting bridge between Asia and Europe, the territory of historic changes and crossings of the most important transport routes.

Our task is to promote the establishment of cultural, educational, scientific and business contacts for the further development of strategic partnership, interregional cooperation, trade and economic relations, cooperation in the field of science and education, humanitarian and historical and cultural ties.

We strive to develop the values that the peoples of Ukraine and China have long since professed - a desire for peace, mutual respect and economic growth.

Our mission is to make Ukraine open to Asia and the rest of the world as a whole, to unite people of different nationalities, races and political views on the most important issues of our time for spiritual enrichment and economic growth.

We are convinced that stability and prosperity in Ukraine is a guarantee of peace and prosperity all over the world. These are the things for which we work and what we believe in!

Головні цілі

  • Promote friendly relations between China, Ukraine and Europe in general.

  • To support the cultural dialogue between the countries of Asia and Europe.

  • Create bridges to deepen mutual trust and understanding across countries along the Silk Road.

  • Contribute to the economic strengthening of Ukraine and its investment prospects for China and Europe as a whole.

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